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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force on 1st October 2006 and replaced many existing pieces of legislation including the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 with a simple, single piece of legislation. The Order imposes an onus on the person responsible for the premises to provide and maintain sufficient fire precautions so that people can work in safety, or escape safely in the event of a fire or other serious event.

The order applies to virtually all premises and nearly every type of building.

Failure to comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 by not undertaking a Fire Risk Assessment can leave you in Breach. This could lead to a fine or imprisonment.

Where the Order applies to your premises you must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and in most cases record it. The assessment should be tailored to the particular premises and where in-depth knowledge is lacking the Responsible Person has a duty to engage a Competent Person with the relevant expertise to be able to implement or advise on key areas.

The recorded Fire Risk Assessment should be kept available for inspection by the Fire Authority. The Fire Authority has formal powers that can be used in serious cases these include: the ability to prohibit, with immediate effect, the use of all or part of your premises. There is also a power to serve an ‘Enforcement Notice’, requiring you to take steps to comply with the Order. However, failure to comply with the Order, in a way which places one or more relevant persons at risk of death or serious injury in case of fire, is a criminal offence in itself; in such cases the Authority may prosecute through the Courts.

 •  Fire extinguishers

 •  Training for your fire marshals

 •  Safety signs

 •  Thorough fire risk assessments

 •  Fire Protection Association approved

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We'll make a thorough inspection of your premises to ensure that if a fire were to occur, everyone would be safe. From the right equipment to structural alterations, we'll protect you and your property. For safety consultancy in Yorkshire, call our team today.

Fire risk assessment services

Our safety assessments cover every aspect of your building and take into account day to day operations, Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans, warden training and all the equipment you'll need. We'll bring your workplace in line with health and safety requirements, providing a full fire safety management service you can rely on.

Fire risk assessments can be carried out on your premises to P.A.S 79 specification by our qualified assessors, providing you with a full report and recommendations for improvement at a competitive price.

Ace Fire Equipment offers large and smaller businesses the assurance they need when it comes to meeting fire safety requirements. We identify the potential risks unique to your business, and find appropriate measures to reduce these risks at an extremely competitive price. We will review the assessment on a regular basis to incorporate any changes to your working environment.

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