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Extinguishers must be serviced annually. Every type of extinguisher needs an on-site `Commissioning Service’ from new and ‘Basic Service' annually.

Make sure your fire extinguishers are safe to use with regular servicing by your local fire safety specialists. Call Ace Fire Equipment (UK) Ltd and arrange your regular servicing contract. We'll make sure that your fire extinguishers are ready for an emergency.

Extinguisher replacement

Fire extinguisher servicing

With fire risk assessments to ensure you've got the right equipment, staff training so you know your team are prepared in the event of a fire and safety signage for your premises to assist evacuation, we've got everything you need to stay fire safe. Arrange your fire extinguisher servicing today, or order new fire extinguishers with Ace Fire Equipment (UK) Ltd. Have you used your fire extinguisher? Contact us to refill it

Looking after your fire equipment

  • Third party accredited company with third party audits carried out annually to ensure consistent high quality service

  • IFEDA trained and BAFE registered technicians attending regular refresher courses

  • £5 million third party insurance including efficacy clause (failure to discharge)

  • All new equipment Kite marked with 5 year manufacturers warranties

  • No hidden costs. Basic service includes all gauge dots, pins, tamper indicators etc.

  • Planned maintenance contracts available

  • Independent family run business established in 1988

Is your current supplier a BAFE registered company?


If not, can you be sure that your fire protection provision will meet your needs when you most need it? Ace Fire Equipment are a quality assured company operating a quality management system which complies with ISO 9001:2015 for the contract maintenance of portable fire extinguishers in accordance with the BAFE scheme SP 101. This scheme ensures we have invested in the skills and procedures to ensure that you receive the level of protection that your staff, customers and property require. BAFE is supported by statutory bodies, the Fire and Rescue Services, Insurers and leading Certification and Trade bodies. The Communities and Local Government Department publish guides to fire safety and the legislation. These guides clearly state: “Third party quality assurance can offer comfort both as a means of satisfying you that the goods and services you have purchased are fit for purpose and as a means of demonstrating that you have complied with the law”. Many of the major insurance companies recognise the need for BAFE registered companies and encourage their use.  

But what does the term 'Third Party Certification' actually mean for somebody seeking a provider? In simple terms, in first party certification a provider tells his potential customer that he is competent and knows what he is doing. Second party certification involves someone else – for instance another customer or a trade association – who states that they are competent. Third Party Certification takes this to another level completely, as here an independent certification body (which is accredited by the government body UKAS), sends assessors trained in the specific skills required and working to appropriate standards, to inspect the company usually on an annual basis. They check and verify the required competencies and management systems to ensure that the provider can do what they say. In short, using third party accredited companies is the one true way of proving you have met your responsibilities under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 by employing competent persons.  

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